Personal protection in the online environment has become a real concern for most people, due to the rise in methods and number of ill-intended individuals, who would steal your data in the blink of an eye. As such, you can never be too careful with your accounts, passwords and the information you transmit.

PEM Companion is a feature-packed Java-based application that can assist you in all these tasks, enabling you to manage passwords, encode files and messages, generate public encryption keys and much more.

The initial configuration may prove a bit of a challenge, particularly for inexperienced individuals, as it does require you to go through some additional steps, to be able to work with it.

Namely, you will need download and install the Java Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy, but this is fairly well explained in the help documentation. Afterward, you will be required to set a master and a confirmation password, for an added layer of protection.

Functionality-wise, PEM Companion is split into ‘Password Manager’ and ‘Secure Communications’, each with a distinct yet well-defined role. Together, they help you protect every bit of personal information that you use in the online environment.

The ‘Password Manager’ component helps you create passphrases including the character types that you indicate (upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, in varying length), enabling you to keep track of the several versions of credentials for your accounts, which you have used over time.

Other functions include the ability to encrypt as well as decrypt files and archives, even letting you define your own custom alphabet. Similarly, you can add all your online accounts to PEM Companion’s memory, for safe keeping.

With the help of the ‘Secure Communications’ component, you can generate public encryption keys for yourself, also being able to store those of the people you most often exchange messages with. This way, you can encode a message, a file or folder, and only the intended recipient can decrypt it.

In closing, PEM Companion is an advanced and reliable software solution that can assist you in a variety of online protection operations, helping you create and manage strong passwords, while also encoding the messages and files you wish to transfer on the web.