If you enjoy watching YouTube videos on your computer, you are probably familiar with web browser crashes or other similar issues that can make your experience much less enjoyable.

However, it is possible to watch your favorite videos without using a standard web browser, since there are a lot of third-party apps that provide you with the full YouTube experience. One of them is Perfect Tube Store App.

Since it is a Store app, you can install it on your computer with minimum efforts as there is no additional configuration required on your side.

The only necessary actions are navigating to its corresponding Store page and hitting the Install button, as the rest of the process unfolds automatically, without your further assistance.

Perfect Tube Store App can help you log into your YouTube account and access a list of uploaded content, previously watched videos, a Favorites list and also a playlist collection.

More so, it is possible to explore videos from the home section, which provides you with new content and organizes it in various categories, including Popular, Subscriptions and Suggestions. If you want, you can perform a search for your favorite video by clicking the magnifying glass button and typing the desired content in the box. The application returns results for videos, playlists and channels as well.

This program lets you access a useful configuration menu where you can modify various parameters and tweak its functions to fit your requirements better. It is possible to change the default region by choosing your desired item from the combo menu, set videos always to start in full-screen mode, select the default video quality and enable notifications for new videos.

All things considered, Perfect Tube Store App is a reliable program that enables you to play YouTube videos on your computer quickly and without using a standard web browser. It can be easily installed, comes with a user-friendly interface, packs intuitive functions and provides you with a handy configuration menu, in case you need to adjust some of its settings.