If you are responsible for handling the documents in your company, you need to make sure there is no room for error, especially in the late stages, such as when carrying out the printing tasks.

Print Queue Manager is a software utility that can assist you in the process, keeping an eye on all your documents so that you easily pause, delete, or resume them.

First things first, users should know that, following an uneventful setup, you are met by an intuitive GUI that asks you to select a local server. Once the program finds a printer and you tick the “Monitor” options, it starts inspecting the print queue.

The application is capable of displaying the current queue as well as its status, the number of tasks, and more. Interacting with the print queue should raise no difficulty at all, with the option to right-click any item on your list in order to print, delete, or update anything you may deem necessary.

Resorting to the Autoqueue enables you to view all your pending items and also enables the My Queue, Cleanup, and Payment tabs. It is worth pointing out that, by default, your print jobs are ordered chronologically, but you have the option to change your priorities by moving them up and down.

As for the Cleanup utility the program includes, it should be mentioned that automatic as well as timed tasks can be carried out.

Regarding the Payments section, this is where you need to go in order to estimate the costs of the jobs the app performs by taking into account the amount of paper used in the process. Besides, the program can generate reports on every aspect involved in the process, with the possibility of exporting them to HTML or CSV.

All in all, Print Queue Manager is a comprehensive application designed to make batch print jobs easy to handle by creating queues you can easily manage. Besides, the program offers an overview of the entire process, letting you manipulate various parameters without the need for considerable tech skills.