If you are in charge of running a company that uses printers on a regular basis, you need a printing management system so that you can enhance your employees' productivity.

One of the software solutions that can help you achieve fast, convenient results in the situation depicted above is Printix Client.

This program is actually a client for the Printix printer management system and it comes with a simplistic, non-intrusive interface. After you install the application, you can access its interface via its system tray icon.

Right-clicking the icon displays a context menu that lets you access various options, such as displaying a list of printers, viewing a diagnostics section or enabling print notifications.

Printix Client can help you manage and access printers on your network without significant efforts since it requires minimum configuration. Adding a printer to your company's network can be easily done by selecting the desired device from the list, under the Printers section of the client, and clicking the Add button.

The printer is automatically added to the management system and its drivers are installed on the target computer, thus saving you the hassle of configuring each device manually.

You can access a list of documents that are scheduled to be printed and either print them or release them from the job. It is also possible to disable or enable a printing notification so that you can keep track of the process with ease.

A diagnostic screen can be displayed by clicking the corresponding option under the context menu, where you can view several details, such as the tenant name, the number of managed printers, the uptime and also document details.

All things considered, you can turn to Printix Client if you need a quick, effortless way to manage printers on your network without using any server components. It comes with a subtle interface and features a handful of intuitive functions, making it easy to understand and operate them as well.