Private WiFi is a straightforward software solution developed to offer you an extra layer of protection for all your sensitive data while using a WiFi hotspot. The application enables you to secure information such as passwords, bank account credentials and more using powerful encryption.

Private WiFi is a tool tailored to fit well with any user out there, regardless of his or hers computer skills. The application is easy to install as it relies on the classic wizard approach and you have it up and running within a few seconds.

As far as the interface goes, there’s not much to talk about. Once it’s installed and active, the application runs silently in the background and does not interfere with your work or daily activities. The only way you really interact with it is by enabling, disabling or changing some functions, a thing that is very easy to do since the app displays a user-friendly interface and provides help pop-up bubbles for every setting it has.

Private WiFi’s most valuable asset is its powerful 128-bit encryption system which can be compared to that of banks and online shopping services. Through its use, you are able to protect your web traffic, emails, messages and everything else using the secure tunnel it creates between you and a server.

A really good thing about the application is that it can be set to take action automatically when you connect to an unsecure hotspot. Moreover, if you don’t really trust public wireless networks, you can tell Private WiFi to encrypt everything you send as well as receive.

Since the planet is fairly big despite the existence of the Internet, the application allows you to choose the server location to which you can connect, ensuring a reliable and stable connection and encryption service.

To wrap it up, Private WiFi is an application simple in design and use that offers a complex encryption system which can hide your online traffic while connected to a WiFi network.