QryptNotes is a desktop software tool built to help you secure your private information from unauthorized access, with as little effort as possible.

The utility is wrapped in a simple, clean and straightforward interface. The intuitive settings make sure that it can be configured by any kind of users, even beginners.

Upon launching the program for the first time, you are asked to choose a home directory (it can be changed in subsequent runs) and a password which is used to unlock it on every access, as well as to grant access to your notes. You should be extra careful when picking your password because it cannot be recovered if you lose or forget it.

QryptNotes lets you add a caption to each newly created note for easier identification in the list. It enables you to save, edit and manage your private information, as well as print it directly from its main window. Once saved, you can view the last update time of each note.

It gives you the possibility to read your notes on other computers or compatible devices as well. In order to be able to do that, you have to copy the XML file present in your home directory and open it with the application using the correct password.

What's more, you can carry out basic clipboard actions (cut, copy, paste). Unfortunately, it doesn't have more encryption methods or searching options, nor does it make use of shortcuts for easier access.

No errors occurred during the entire testing. The overall performance of the computer was not affected, due to the low usage of CPU and memory.

Taking all things into consideration, QryptNotes proves to be a reliable and useful tool that lets you create notes and save them with a user-defined password, securing them from unauthorized access.