Privacy protection is a controversial topic nowadays, as webpages include trackers that monitor your online behavior and determine your location. Virtual private networks can be used to conceal your real IP address and foul accessed servers into thinking that you are physically located in another part of the world, thus bypassing geographical restrictions. Another benefit is the enhanced security of transferred data using "tunnels" that preserve the secrecy of a private network.

Among the plethora of VPN solutions out there, RA4W VPN promises to keep no logs of past connections, while ensuring full anonymity. The client application requires no installation, leaving no traces in the system's registry. Everything is designed to be as simple as possible insofar usage is concerned to provide a seamless user experience.

Before using RA4W VPN, you should know that a paid account is required to connect to any of the servers. Other than that, the VPN application is extremely intuitive so it should pose no difficulties to you, regardless of your previous experience with similar apps.

The dashboard displays information about the current IP address of the host computer, along with details regarding the transmitted data and the transfer speed. There is a generous amount of VPN servers you can choose from, located in different parts of the Earth, on all continents. Obviously, the closer the VPN server, the higher the transfer speeds.

RA4W VPN also features a statistics section that displays information about the transmitted data, while also hosting the connection log.

The few configuration settings that RA4W VPN comes with can be changed in the dedicated section. The application features automatic detection of the installed TAP adapter, allowing you to perform adapter updates and checkups with just a few clicks. The configuration manager stores information about the network adapter, and you can create a new configuration file with RA4W VPN.

The purpose of RA4W VPN is to provide a reliable privacy solution for all types of users. Offering access to servers in over 20 countries worldwide, it is capable of ensuring your online anonymity while preserving acceptable transfer speeds.

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