Red Eye Remover is a reliable and simple to use software that can remove the undesirable red eye effect from portrait photos. The software enables you to select the red areas of the eyes with one click and apply the photo correction, in order to restore your friends’ original eye colors.

The software enables you to zoom in on a photo in order to make a correct selection of the eyes. The smart selection tool includes all pixels of similar or identical color in the close vicinity of the spot you have clicked. The red eye removal effect is instantly applied on the selected area.

You can adjust the amount of color fuzziness, the dilate value and correction strength, in order to remove the unwanted red spots from the eyes and restore their original tinge. After applying the appropriate color correction, you may save the new photo to a local folder, as a different format. The supported file types include BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF, TGA, PCX, PGX or PNM.

The red eye effect usually happens when you take a photo with a flash. The instant surge of bright light catches the human iris "unprepared" for the light intensity, thus the eyeball pupil remains opened, instead of shrinking. This causes the red spots to appear, instead of capturing the color of the iris.

The software is set to replace any trace of red color from within the selection and turn it to black or to a different color. You may replace the red color with other nuances, instead of black. Additionally, clicking on any other spot in the photo triggers the same effect as on the eyes.

Red Eye Remover is an intuitive and easy to use software, that enables you to repair red eyes with a simple click of the mouse. The smart selection tool can capture not only the spot you have clicked on, but also all the pixels of identical color that surround it. You can apply color correction and turn the red of the eyes to black or try to restore the irises to their original tinge.