Remo Privacy Cleaner is a good-looking junk cleaner that aims to protect your privacy when sharing the computer with other people by getting rid of traces of your activity, such as browser history. This way, it also frees up space on your hard disk to make room for new data.

Adopting a modern look with large buttons that are hard to miss, the main app window gives you a description of all operations which can be performed. The targeted junk files on the computer include document and run history, Windows temporary files, Clipboard and Recycle Bin contents, network credentials, and the system registry.

A default selection is made by the program but you can change this by including any items in the removal and protecting the rest. If you're not sure of what to delete and what to keep, you should know that Remo Privacy Cleaner shows scan results with the full paths of all objects taken into account for deletion. Therefore, if you change your mind about something, you can go back, make a new selection and then make a new scan before the cleanup job.

The web browsers supported by the program are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, GoogleChrome, Safari and Opera. It's capable of clearing cache, cookies, history, the address bar, Index.dat, autocomplete form data, and downloaded program files. Furthermore, it can clean junk traces from a long list of programs, like Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Office.

Another feature that equips the application is a free space wiper. Although it doesn't have a file shredder, Remo Privacy Cleaner is capable of securing free space left behind by deleted files, in order to make sure that sensitive items cannot be recovered with specialized software. It supports fast zero write, random write, and DOD 5220.22.M.

Lastly, the tool has a one-click option designed to handle junk files, Internet issues, PC history, and trash files. The registered version also gives you the possibility to schedule tasks to run automatically, without your intervention. Taking everything into account, Remo Privacy Cleaner comes bundled with plenty options to help you protect your privacy.