Rename It is a simple Windows application developed to rename one or multiple files at the same time.

As compared to advanced file renaming apps on the market, Rename It lacks plenty of essential features, but it's still a good choice whenever you want to perform a quick renaming process.

The interface is indeed surprising, but not in a good way. A multi-panel layout was designed to make everything very easy to use, but it all seems a bit cluttered due to the non-resizable window.

Files can be selected by simply browsing to the target folder, with tabs developed to let you choose between a single file and multi-file renaming.

If you wish to change the name of just one item, just click on the target file from the list, input the new name and you're ready to go. For multi-file renaming though you have to write down the strings you want to be replaced, just like you normally do in a text document.

There are some settings too, but nothing too complicated, so Rename It is a very basic piece of software from one end to another.

The renaming task is performed in a second and the computer isn't stressed up at all, with a very low footprint on CPU and memory.

To sum up, it's hard to believe that Rename It still has the power to attract a large number of users. At least, not with so many advanced renaming products on the market.