When you hear about file management, you automatically think it has to do with organizing your files for gaining either space or mobility around your PC. While this is true in general, Ritt attempts to branch off a little bit, offering a slightly different version of file management functionality.

In other words, this application works on top of your existing file management system, offering the possibility to create temporary structures for future projects.

While it might sound like a lot of mumbo-jumbo, what Ritt tries to do is offer a flexible way of adjusting files, depending on the needs one might have. Let's pretend today you're working on a school project and need files to be arranged a certain way, while tomorrow you might want the same files to be arranged for a personal project you're developing.

You can do that with this app. You won't have to move your files. It almost works like a mind map, having certain files at your disposal through Ritt's interface, for easy access, linked in a temporary logical way.

The system of arrangement is fairly simple. It relies mostly on two coordinates, tags, and sources, both of which need to be adjusted on a case by case basis. Import sources directly from your computer. Navigate to a specific directory and select it. All folders and subfolders will be loaded immediately.

If you want to use specific files, you can import single files, one by one, until you reach your desired structure. The app memorizes your created structures. You can create more than one database at a time, which is great, given the fact that it's quite rare for an individual to be involved in one single project at a time. It's quite versatile, which is great.

Ritt is an application created for those who want to handle their project files in a simple and more organized way. Using such a program should in theory increase your productivity on account of spending less time to find what you are looking for. Of course, it's also one's responsibility to appropriately tag important content and create a logical and sustainable system of files for this app to actually work as intended.