RRAV Cleaner is an intuitive program that is capable of scanning your entire system, in order to detect irregularities or errors in the registry and clean unnecessary files. The software is capable to detect broken shortcuts, as well as temporary files saved by your browser, while navigating the Internet.

RRAV Cleaner is easy to use and allows you to view the process of system scanning in real time. The software can browse through the files and folders stored on your computer, in order to detect errors in the registry and unnecessary files saved on your computer. The software focuses on identifying temporary files saved by the browser while navigating the Internet, as well as broken shortcuts, logs or junk files.

The software features a clear-cut interface, with several tabs that you can switch between even as the scanning task is undergoing. Thus, you may view the dashboard, which lists the software’s functions and how many errors have been found for each category. Alternatively, you may switch to the other tabs and view the detailed list.

Not only can RRAV Cleaner identify the irregularities in the system, but it also allows you to view the corrupted/damaged files and erase the entire lot. The software does not offer you the possibility of selecting the files you wish to erase or save the documents you trust. The software can display the identified errors, in real time, in the dedicated tabs.

Thus, you may verify the Registry tab and observe the detected files, the identified shortcuts for system processes or programs, shortcuts for local files, as well as browser files. The software can display the size and complete path of each file it detects.

Temporary files, unused shortcuts or other unnecessary files can easily stack up on your computer without you even noticing. They might cause your system to run slowly, generate errors in the registry or even reduce the performance of your PC. RRAV Cleaner is designed to help you eliminate this issue and keep your computer clean.