RSS Feed Reader is the easiest way to create your custom collection of sources, to define when and how you get the information and updates, and to filter incoming news.

We all know how difficult it can get to put together comprehensive lists of websites and resources to check (not to mention, exhausting). Nowadays, there are a lot of services that offer to make the selection for the user, based on the individual's preferences and favorite topics. The risk is, however, to get biased into by following only a couple of sources, (most often) all selectively chosen to correspond to the view of the company/the press agency that owns that website.

RSS Feed Reader is a brilliant Chrome extension that helps to easily integrate different news sources, conduct super-granular market research, and follow niched subjects and topics. The extensive dashboard allows selecting and configuring the number of columns where articles and news are displayed, managing different folders and feeds, creating custom collections with your favorite topics, and even adding and handling team accounts.

With more and more information and tons of resources to check, manually selecting each new article from every major publication can be a super-challenging task. Sometimes, even sorting news and stories and prioritizing them can be difficult as well. Not to mention it drastically lowers your decision power. RSS Feed Reader allows customizing the way you handle every news source. Based on custom rules and filters, you can create separate folders and assign each story to a new directory.

Moreover, you can configure how often each source gets updated in your news feed: it can range from 1 minute to 24 hours. You can enable desktop notifications and sounds, opt to receive email alerts or, if connected to the service's corresponding mobile app, you can be notified by phone as well. Additionally, you could add filters to each instance or set actions/triggers for incoming notifications.

All in all, RSS Feed Reader is a complex way to get access to a lot of information, in a super-organized manner. You can filter and limit the never-ending flow of news and take full control over the way you handle information and get access to it.