The brand new text editor titled ruff is an easy to use and fairly simple app that saves your progress automatically, relieving you of that added stress and letting you focus on your work.

Although it is similar to the well-known text editor called Notepad, ruff tries to gain your trust and become the best companion you can have, by bringing more to the table but with the same reliability as any other text editor out there.

More than that, it comes with some really nice touches that add to the quality of the product, such as being able to stash your text and come back to it later, the ability to share, export or even print what you write, with just a click.

The stash option is only available on the upgraded version, but the good part is that you only have to pay for it just once and keep it forever, which will also remove an unobtrusive ad that only promotes the app.

Text editor ruff is a great combination of simplistic design within a fast application, and usually, those two work hand in hand and are traits fancied by many users also.

ruff can become your pocket-sized best friend because it is available for Android devices too and that makes portable writing more fun.

It also comes with a Dark and Light mode, which you can pick before you start to write your thoughts down on this highly dependable and clean app.

All in all, I think it is a great text editor that has a lot of utility without introducing any undesired complexity and without any buttons or other types of stuff that may get in the way of you and your writings.

It was created by an indie developer and can be downloaded from the Windows Store, so if you are looking for something like this, you can just go ahead and try it, it might be exactly what you need.