Even though technology is expanding continuously, we are still unable to fully protect our data from unwanted individuals or harmful programs. We tend to use hosting sites to store our data, which might turn out to be safer than our own computers.

Plus, apps that use strong encryption may be a good solution to those problems. S-Ultra Password Manager is a useful yet small application designed to offer a simple way, to enter and save your sensitive information from prying eyes and from being accessed.

The installation is completed in a blink of an eye and proves to be uncomplicated. It's wrapped in a neat and accessible interface consisting of a single window that packs all the necessary fields for a fast insertion.

When the tool is run, you have to input the login credentials (username, password), which are displayed by the developer, at the bottom of the small panel. Unfortunately, there is no choice to set a custom one with your own info. Despite that, the utility comes with a wide variety of predefined themes to choose from.

On the left side of the window, you can find the search option, which uses website category and various info as criteria. The results are shown in the provided list. To enter a new record, a new panel is brought up, where you have to fill in several fields, such as group (personal, work, utility, software), URL, first and second secret answer.

In addition, password, username or ID, notes and last webpage update can be set. Unfortunately, there are no additional settings to configure, like encryption mode, a password generator in case you want to create a new profile, visual properties, backup option or an export function.

Taking everything into account, S-Ultra Password Manager is a reliable and intuitive utility that comes in handy when you want to easily add and store sensitive authentication credentials using a login system.