Data-sets are usually formed out of a large number of fields and values, each one of which is used to hold certain parameters to be used in other applications. Thus, they can be quite difficult to manage by hand, especially if they happen to contain hundreds of rows and columns.

SCIPOINTS is a software utility designed in order to help you easily handle such documents, by allowing you to manage data sets with ease. In order to achieve this, the application works with CSV files, which are the most common type of documents used to store large quantities of number values, thanks to their versatility and wide compatibility with many different platforms.

To manage these files, you are allowed to import series and values from outside sources, as well as take control over the included field names. Thus, you can view their contents neatly arranged in table-form, where they can also be personalized to use different colors for every row, in order to increase readability and make the different types of values easier to organize.

In case you need to use the data into an outside application, the utility enables you to convert the information into HTML code, which be of great use when it comes to integrating large quantities of data on websites. In addition, you can also preview the code before applying the conversion, as well as edit it afterward to fit your personal requirements.

Furthermore, the data can be thoroughly analyzed, using the built-in capabilities of the application. Thus, you can view information about the population variance and the standard deviation value, which offers you perspective over the entire document. Finally, these statistics can be viewed in the form of detailed charts and exported to your computer as images.

Despite the fact that the user interface may not be the friendliest out there, due to the rather hard-to-follow function placement and confusing frame arrangement, SCIPOINTS does manage to provide you with a useful service, especially when it comes to large data sets that need to be analyzed and organized accordingly.