SecureMyEmail is a lightweight desktop app, with an in-browser mail client, that enables message encryption and sending password-protected emails with expiration dates.

It is nice to have a service that helps you protect your emails. But why would you need such advanced levels of security on your Gmail or Yahoo account, especially if you are a normal user, discussing regular topics with your mates, collaborators, or business partners?

Well, nowadays, the need for security is crucial. With increased concern about our private data, multiple organizations and prominent figures from the tech industry have proclaimed that there is unusual behavior with bots scanning email contents, searching for private data, and flagging messages as spam.

The thing is, even if you are not that concerned about the security of your email account, you might be sending a resume via email that never reaches the inbox of your desired employer, as these emails (containing private data, like your name, address, phone number, etc.) have great chances of being flagged and redirected towards Spam. The same thing goes with other topics or email attachments as well. After all, we can't know for sure what is the exact policy of each email provider and what they consider private information.

With SecureMyEmail, you have a bunch of features and options for actively securing your email account and also having quick access to your emails via a comprehensive and well-structured, in-browser dashboard, that allows managing multiple email accounts, from a central point.

The service is a multi-platform utility. As a result, you can install it on Windows OS, Android, iOS, or macOS. Since it is available for multiple operating systems and smartphones, you can log in with your credentials, synchronize everything across devices, and even backup private keys and content on the server.

At the same time, for the desktop version, you have a small icon tray that allows accessing all the needed functionality with a couple of clicks. SecureMyEmail has an embedded email client from where you can send and receive emails, it allows encrypting and switching between different email accounts, and it enables creating and sending password-protected messages to people who don't use this service.

All things considered, SecureMyEmail is a convenient service and platform that deserves at least testing. Also, the encryption process is done fast, the program's interface is user-friendly, the encryption can be enabled with a touch of a button, and the email management features are intuitive.