Serial-Vault is a user-friendly and efficient software solution created to provide you with the ability of storing all your applications’ activation codes and keys in a single, password-protected location, enabling you to easily access the data when reinstalling them.

The program features a simple, tabbed user interface, allowing you to switch between ‘Software Summary’, ‘Registration & Purchase Details’ or ‘Notes’.

From the ribbon buttons, you can add a new entry, save the current one or delete a record from the database, with minimal effort entailed.

When adding an entry to Serial-Vault, you can input only the information that you consider necessary, as one of the advantages of this tool is the fact that none of the fields is mandatory.

As such, you can fill in the field concerning the device your software was installed on, the version, registration key, activation code, the registered email, the date, price, seller, website and download page, or even the setup file. You can also input a series of ‘Notes’, if you feel supplementary information is required for working with that particular app.

Serial-Vault allows comes with a series of predefined categories, for instance ‘Applications’, ‘Games’, ‘Utilities’, and others, but you have the possibility of adding your own or removing existing ones from the ‘Program Preferences’ section. It also enables you to setup a password which will protect the contents of your database, preventing unwanted individuals from accessing your data without your consent.

Overall, Serial-Vault is a handy and reliable program that can successfully assist you in organizing all your software activation details, letting you keep them at your fingertips, in case you need to reinstall anything.