If you are in charge of managing the information related to employees' software, then you have to make sure it is stored safely and you can access it easily whenever necessary.

SerialSafe is a utility that enables you to keep critical data about your installed programs (passwords, licenses and serial numbers) in one place.

Even though the background is white, the interface is uncluttered and stylish. The UI consists of two main panels, one that displays the products' names and another where you can note additional information related to the applications.

It is worth mentioning that the tool allows you to include a download link and a local installer path for your programs. Therefore, if you decide to embed the installers into the databases, you can easily check for updates and make sure you have the latest versions.

In the event you are managing a large database that also incorporates sensitive data, then it is likely that finding info about a certain product can be time-consuming. Since it incorporates a search function, SerialSafe allows you to detect the desired data based on a keyword.

Before you can take advantage of the search option, you should make sure to fill in the fields in the Custom Information tab.

You can only import XML, TXT and CSV document formats. However, the app allows you to include numerous other types of files that can be relevant for a certain product, such as screenshots, user manuals and lists (PDF, PNG, JPG, XML, XLS, DOC, BMP, etc).

More often than not, the larger the database, the slower the conversion functions. Unfortunately, this can also be an issue for this password and license manager.

You can overcome this setback by disabling the compact database feature and performing any required import, export, add or delete manually. Then again, it can be time-consuming to perform conversions manually.

Since it comes with numerous options to easily include entries and find them quickly, SerialSafe can be a good utility if you count database management among your job responsibilities.