For those unfamiliar with the term "VPN", it is a way of extending a private network across a public network, allowing all those connected to it to send and receive their data across the public network as if the data was directly connected to that private network.

This results in an increase in functionality, security, and management of the private network.

Put in simpler terms, you make your IP look as if you are browsing from somewhere else across the globe.

SetupVPN is a software tool that allows you to connect to a VPN, thus ensuring that everything you do online cannot be traced back to you.

Unlike a lot of other VPN programs, service with SetupVPN is done via an account that you have to create, and depending on the subscription type, may allow access to more or fewer servers spread around the world.

With over 100 servers spread all over the globe, SetupVPN lets you access any content that is not available in your country, company, school or made available by your Internet provider.

Once you've registered an account, simply use it to log into the app, change your location, encrypt your connection and change your IP address.

As soon as a secure connection is established, your browser will open showing you the supposed location you were allocated to down to the very last detail. This includes country, a map of the city with your location pinned down, and your new IP.

SetupVPN is lightweight and ensures that anything you browse is only for your eyes to see, and since no technical knowledge required makes it great even for people with little to no experience using such apps.

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