Shorthand is a keyboard simulation program, text assembly, and document preparation tool that works hand in hand with existing Microsoft Windows applications.

The design is practical and simple. All you have to do is input the keyword and type of text that should appear, and you are done. Additionally, there is a chart placed lower down the main panel where users can input their keyword, as well as a simple shortcut. Shorthand keeps it all simple and basic, so it is not a hurdle when you plan to parse text strings, and read or write files.

The program allows users to abbreviate text, create interactive input screen, and run powerful scripts for assembling text documents inside your word processor. Shorthand includes the Tcl scripting engine that can parse text strings, read or write files, and can even perform mathematical computations regarding date and time. Additionally, it can launch external applications.

The properties of this tool also allow users to add hotkeys, add in paste keys, and select text transfer methods like simulating clipboard pasting methods, if there is only text, or even have some keystrokes simulated. Additionally, there are some font and color options users can tweak, together with some automatic replacement parameters. In case the local dictionary of keywords is lacking extra information, you can enrich it with external dictionary links.

All in all, Shorthand  is an excellent tool for parsing text while writing strings of code, or simply writing stuff that you do not want to type manually every day. It is fairly easy to use. Plus, it does not eat up resources, while working in the background most of the time. Its main advantage, however, is that it allows users to enrich its dictionary of words and make parsing text so much easier.