If you are the type of person that has a lot of tasks to accomplish on a daily basis, you might want to consider keeping track of them. It makes it easier to remember what you have to do and figure out what you need to focus on.

Doing this by pen and paper is one option, but with the technology we have available, it is basically the more complicated way. An easier method would be to use Slash.

Having absolutely nothing to do with the Guns'n'Roses guitarist, this program is great for keeping track of all your tasks. Available on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS, it has a user-friendly interface with a changeable theme and intuitive commands.

You just need to write down the tasks you have to do for the day and then get to work. Whenever you finish with one, you can mark it as being done and it will be removed from the list.

The application's name isn't random, as it actually has a function called like that. Whenever you activate it, the main window will be replaced with a much smaller one, and the program will start a Pomodoro timer.

From the new interface, you can either skip past a task, mark it as done or pause it. When you finish with one, the main window will re-appear displaying a GIF, congratulating you on your achievement.

On the right side of the GUI you can find a list with all the finished tasks. You can keep them there for your personal record or you can simply delete them.

In the top-right corner, there is a button that brings up your statistics. Here is where you can find information about your productivity.

All in all, Slash is simply awesome. Given the number of features that it has and how easy it is to use, it is one of the best self-organizing tools available.