Browsing the Internet freely has its risks, which range from having your browsing behavior monitored to getting your identity stolen or downloading malware. Considering that the majority of webpages you are accessing have built-in trackers, using a virtual private network might not be a bad idea.

Like any other VPN client, SlickVPN enables you to connect to a VPN server to reroute your Internet traffic and make it seem as if you are located in another place. Not only that your real geographical location and your real IP address are concealed, but the VPN also ensures the encryption of your data traffic as an extra security measure.

The SlickVPN dashboard enables you to connect to your account and displays the action log. By default, the application is also configured to log the history of the IP addresses you were assigned, which you can export locally.

SlickVPN comes with a generous list of VPN servers you can opt for, located all around the world, on all the continents. It is advisable to choose a server that is near your real location, as the traffic speed should be higher.

Speaking of transfer speed, SlickVPN comes with a built-in tool for testing a server's upload and download speeds, which can help you detect the best choice regarding the response time. Once you find a VPN server that matches claims, you can easily add it as a favorite, so you can find it easier the next time you connect.

Based on the HYDRA multi-hop technology, SlickVPN promises to protect your online privacy by rerouting the entire Internet traffic. And, if you choose the VPN server wisely, the transfer speed should not be affected as the entire traffic is masked.

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