SlovoEd Classic English-German Dictionary is an attractive-looking software dictionary with a straightforward interface, offering an up-to-date word and expression database that comes as well with lots of sound samples.

The application's most basic feature is to help users find translation for words from both English to German and German to English. Other functions of the program are specialized in finding synonyms, irregular verbs, and even a small quiz to test your English or German knowledge.

In case you need different word forms, SlovoEd Classic English-German Dictionary can help you find them by clicking the ‘Word Forms’ button. In addition, users that want to contribute in expanding their database of expressions can click on ‘Create Article’ and add their newly found expression with its own explanation.

Once you install SlovoEd Classic English-German Dictionary, every word selected in English or German on your desktop will be immediately translated in various German or English words and expressions under the shape of a drop-down list.

You can deactivate that in the ‘Settings tab’ by un-ticking the ‘Activate by hovering over a word with the mouse’ setting. Additional combinations of keyboard buttons will allow users to select which and when portions of text will be translated via the same small popup windows.

SlovoEd Classic English-German Dictionary offers support for both English and German dictionaries. Users can add some more by creating them or importing them. Users can import some audio dictionaries via download in the ‘Catalog’ area under the Dictionary tab.

SlovoEd Classic English-German Dictionary is a pretty solid and flexible software application that offers users a pretty rich database of English and German expressions. It also allows users to introduce their own expressions and build their own dictionaries. However, the system embedded translation might annoy people in time, but it can be easily turned off. Overall it's a great app that German and English speakers might find it handy when they visit each other's countries.