Smart Fast PC is a piece of software designed to provide users with the possibility to easily scan their computers for errors and clean them up in order to improve their performance capabilities.

The application comes with a simple, intuitive interface that makes it suitable both for beginners and for advanced users.

After launching the tool, users can immediately kick off the scan process, so as to learn info on the registry entries and privacy settings that need to be cleaned up and optimized to ensure increased performance.

The scan does not take long, though its duration is certainly influenced by the number of errors it encounters. The utility also allows users to customize the registry scan and to create system restore points.

With the help of Smart Fast PC, users can also find and delete temporary Internet files on their computers, fix invalid shortcuts, clean residual files, and manage start up items.

The application can be used to optimize system settings in order to increase its performance levels, as well as to improve the overall security of the computer. Internet settings can also be optimized.

We found the app to be quite snappy during our testing, but we would recommend using it with caution, especially since it can mess up some of the computer's registry entries, thus doing more harm than good.

The program does not include an anti-virus and some of the optimization features it offers can already be found in your operating system, either in Control Panel or in the right-click context menu (which eliminates the need to spend more money on a third-party tool).

All in all, Smart Fast PC might prove a useful PC clean up and optimization tool for users with little experience, yet those with some computer skills should be able to improve performance with the tools already available in the OS. The app is pretty fast and includes a wide range of scan and clean up/optimization options, but we recommend using it with caution.