SmartUtilis Easy Password is a software application whose purpose is to generate powerful and random passkeys from a master password, and to create backups so as not to lose important data.

The installation process does not last very long, as it does not come with any unpleasant surprises. After you finalize it, you come face to face with a modern and minimal GUI. It is comprised of a few boxes and several buttons, and therefore both power and novice users can find their way around it without encountering any issues. Moreover, you can render it non-obtrusive by simply sending it to the system tray.

This tool generates random and secure passwords for each and every of your websites, based on a master passkey. As long as you remember the latter, you never need to remember your passwords, as they are always going to be the same.

It is possible to copy passkeys to the Clipboard, run the program at Windows startup and save the last input master key. Last but not least, backup and restore capabilities are included in the app, so that you can be sure you are not going to lose any data by mistake.

CPU and memory usage is low regardless of the process under way, which means that the computer’s performance is not going to be hampered. The response time is good, the interface is intuitive and the method of generating passwords is quite innovative.

Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say SmartUtilis Easy Password is an efficient and useful piece of software for storing and generating passkeys. You should also know that there is a portable edition, called SmartUtilis Easy Password Portable, dedicated to those interested in bypassing the setup process.