Having a lot of programs on a system may result in some outdated apps here and there. Few of us are up for manual checking and updating, but gladly, this field has been covered by tools that can automatically do that for us. Software Updater Pro is a smart tool that can help you get the newest version for most of your software.

After the installation process is over, you can perform a complete scan just to dig out all outmoded apps that may reside on your computer. Click on Overview from the toolbar to find the scan button and begin the process.

Furthermore, the small PC icon from under the close button is a slick system analyzer. If you open it, a grid with all your hardware and the operating system will be displayed.

After the app is done scanning your PC, apps will be categorized as outdated or up to date. The obsolete programs are going to be along with their current version as well as the available one. Extend the combo menu under the Operation to choose what happens with the app. Clicking Update prompts the app to download and install the latest version, but you can also ignore the update or set it to Auto Update, depending on your needs.

If you'd like to deal with software updates as less as possible, you can set the app to do it by itself. Access the Settings and go to Auto App Update Settings in order to set the time. Also, in the same tab, you have an exclusion filed that can be used to store the apps you don't want to be updated.

Software Updater Pro is a nifty app that can help you keep your applications up to date in order to avoid complications or failures that may be the result of obsolete software. The app is very-easy-to use and with the automatic update feature, you won't even be bothered or thinks about this process.