Panoramic photos and videos provide exciting and immersive experiences, and they are especially impressive if they are packaged into a well-designed virtual tour that provides helpful explanations, audio commentary and useful links.

Spherical Panorama Virtual Tour Builder is a specialized software solution designed to aid you in creating professional-looking virtual tours that can be distributed as executable files or screensavers, as well as published online.

The application supports both cylindrical and spherical panoramas, and various virtual objects can be inserted, such as still JPG images, HTML pages, Flash animations, slideshows or movies.

Additionally, background music can be added to the project from MP3 or MIDI files, and your can also insert audio commentary saved to the WAV format.

Moreover, Spherical Panorama Virtual Tour Builder offers support for hotspots, enabling you to link multiple objects within the same presentation.

Once you are happy with the state of your project, you can package or export it in multiple ways, depending on the platform you wish to use for presentation.

Spherical Panorama Virtual Tour Builder allows you to compile all the required components and media files into a standalone executable file that can be shared easily, as well as create a screensaver.

Furthermore, it is possible to have the program generate a web page that can be uploaded to your website with minimal effort.

The user manual is quite extensive, so novices should not find it too difficult to get the hang of things.

The application could use some improvements as far as the user interface is concerned, however, as it is very outdated.

Overall, Spherical Panorama Virtual Tour Builder is a useful program that makes it possible for experts and novices alike to create impressive virtual tours using panoramic content. It offers plenty of features and detailed documentation, but the UI is rather disappointing.