StNotepad is a text editor that puts emphasis on appearance. It adopts a semi-transparent window with opaque text. However, it doesn't neglect word processing functions, featuring standard font configuration settings.

Installing this tool doesn't take long. Just keep in mind that you must have .NET Framework installed, since it was developed with the aid of this platform.

Once launched, the application shows a semi-transparent window with a menu bar and status bar that reveals the total characters words, lines, columns and zoom level.

You can open and create plain text documents with the ANSI, Unicode, Unicode Big Endian or UTF-8 encoding mode, use a basic search and replace function, as well as insert the current time and date. Right-clicking the text area opens a circular menu with options for copying, pasting, deleting, selecting all text, as well as for undoing and redoing actions.

StNotepad is capable of wrapping words and autodetecting URLs. When it comes to UI customization settings, you can make the frame stay on top of other windows, configure font options, adjust the window's opacity, corner, menu and control box height, as well as customize the background and control box style.

It's also possible to hide the status bar and circular menu, explore a character map and insert symbols, zoom in and out, as well as enter full screen mode. Keyboard shortcuts are supported.

It remained stable throughout its runtime in our tests, without triggering the OS to hang, crash or show errors. We haven't come across any stability issues. CPU and RAM usage was minimal.

To conclude, you can try out StNotepad if you're looking for a stylish text editor. Too bad that it hasn't been updated for a while.