If you're working behind a desk, listening to music could help you relax or focus on whatever you have to do. Nowadays, most users get their music from streaming services, as they require minimal interaction/management while providing hours of uninterrupted tracks. Some more popular than others, these music streaming services seem to take off. Take Strimio for example, a fresh cloud-based streaming service that can become your favorite music source.

Strimio provides access to thousands of live streams, and with a neatly organized catalog, you can easily find your preferred genre or stream. To make sure you don't have to sift through multiple menus to get to your favorite stream, you can add the ones you like to the private library.

The library can be used as a hub for your streaming preferences. For example, if you want to separate work streams from spare time ones, you might want to create multiple folders, each with its purpose. Also, the library can be synced across all your devices, so you can access your music from any location.

One of Strimio's main features — Connect — lets you play the streams on external devices like Sonos products, Chromecast, and Android TVs. This feature goes hand in hand with the Video Stream function, which lets you enjoy streams with a video feed, however, Videos Stream is accessible only by acquiring a paid license.

In conclusion, Strimio is a live-streaming desktop application with enough content to maybe match the handful of streaming services already in business. On top of that, the application smooth performed smoothly during our tests, and no issue with finding or organizing streams was noticed, which is always a good sign for newly released products.