Skype is a very popular online communication tool and virtual phone device, it allows users to make calls to real phone numbers as well as other contacts. Synqit is an application that can import numbers from a variety of difference sources into Skype, allowing users to bolster their contacts with numbers they have stored in different programs.

Using Synqit is not difficult, users simply select the appropriate source that contains other numbers, then they set up the synchronization process. While the uploading process is technically quite complicated, as long as users have all the passwords and login information, it works relatively simply.

Synqit can only connect to a single source at a time, meaning that if you want to use the application to its full potential, they will have to run it several times until each compatible source is synchronized. While this is understandable due to different requirements, it does mean that users have to go through a tedious process, again and again.

The application is not free, while it is not expensive, the price attached means the value needs to be considered. Unfortunately, there is limited point to Synqit once its been used to import the contacts, it offers no real additional functions or repeat use.

Users can continue to upload contacts from the same source, by editing the source and repeating the synchronization process, yet there is less point to it. Individual additions could always be added to Skype directly without the aid of Synqit, and without the long winded synchronization. The value of Synqit is really in its initial use then it drastically decreases in use.

Synqit clearly offers some serious advantages to those who have large numbers of contacts in other programs, it can save a lot of time and solve a lot of issues. Unfortunately, for those who have only a few contacts or only in some of the supported formats, Synqit offers a lot less use. It remains up to each user to decide if the price is worth the time the program will save them in its initial uses.