If you are the type of user who often has trouble remembering to take care of certain tasks, then you might want to employ a software solution that enables you to create efficient reminders.

To help you with this matter comes Take Note, a simplistic piece of software designed to make it as simple as possible for you to create comprehensive alarm-based reminders.

Subsequent to a typical installation process, the application is unobtrusively integrated with your computer's system tray. From there, the program displays pop-up alarm reminders and notifications.

By double-clicking the system tray icon, you are met by a straightforward and unintimidating main window. Thanks to a small toolbar, you can easily create new notes, delete and edit already existing ones, show alarms or exit the app altogether.

Now would be a good moment to point out that you can set recurrent alarms for your notes, such as once, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. Within the same main window, you can also organize your notes by date, time and repeat pattern.

Unfortunately, the utility's interface, besides not looking very modern, is not what you would call fault-free. For example, when adding new notes with large quantities of text, you are not provided with a scroll-bar to move around from one part of the text to another.

This means that you are required to use keyboard for this operation or the cursor and select the text in the direction you want to move.

What is more, importing and exporting notes would have made the Take Note an even better application.

Taking all of the above into consideration, Take Note is a simple software solution with a minimal set of features that makes it simple for you to create alarm-based reminders.

The application is lightweight, easy accessible and features a lean learning curve, so that even the most inexperienced users can have a go at it without feeling disappointed.

But despite all of this, the app would benefit greatly from a revised interface, as the existing one feels and looks too outdated.