Productivity and efficiency are primary goals in both personal and professional aspects. Keeping your assignments in check and knowing when they are going to happen, offers a satisfying  disposition. Some people prefer programs with less complicated options, while others like those with a more feature-rich design.

If you are among the people who just want a straightforward and uncomplicated tool to swiftly add and organize your tasks, then Taskify for Windows 8, 8.1, 10 might be a decent solution. It comes wrapped in a stylish and approachable layout with several samples with short explanations on what each function does.

Since the installation is completed through the Store, the app doesn't occupy too much space on the drive, nor leaves any traces after deletion. If you want to have a clean start, just delete all the examples, and insert your own. Records can be dragged and dropped to any location within the window, and enter new ones by simply typing into the bar in the upper part of the panel.

It's possible to edit them at any given time, expand them from the hamburger icon in the corner, add a body content, as well as set the date and time. Plus, if you want the tool to alert you about an event, you can set a reminder. Due date assignments are colored with red, while general ones are represented by blue.

Unfortunately, there is no option to choose their tone, alarm sound or make structured groups, like office, shopping, projects, exams, or personal. In addition, no visual or other settings are provided, to fully customize the app's look, nor the ability to sync the database with a private account.

Taking everything into account, Taskify is a useful and intuitive program that comes in handy to everyone who needs a basic and uncomplicated tool to insert, organize, and manage multiple tasks, and set alarms.