You might often face the challenge of forgetting about important events, and having to face serious consequences. This is mostly because of a busy schedule, but using a computer has its advantages, and you can always rely on specialized applications like TimeChimes in order to set up periodic alarms.

Once setup is over, the application is launched right afterwards, giving you a chance to quickly see what it can do for you. A pretty compact window shows up on launch, with an empty list which is where all alarms are displayed once created. Adding alarms isn’t a difficult task, and it’s done in a separate window, just so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Creating an alarm mostly implies choosing the exact time in hour, minute, and second, as well as a sound file. It comes with a decent built-in library of audio alerts, but you can also choose a file from your computer, given it’s under the WAV or MP3 format. Created alarms can be edited at any given moment.

Just to make things comfortable, the application makes it easy to save lists of alarms and load them when needed. More precisely, alarms can be set according to days of the week, and there are a couple of slots for each day. Loading comes with the same specifications.

The application can be made to run with Windows, just so all alarms are ready by the time you reach the desktop. In case you’re using the computer for both work and leisure, you can easily configure vacation time, so that alerts don’t go off to disturb you for no reason when you’re trying to relax.

All things considered, we can state that TimeChimes is sure to come in handy, even if your schedule isn’t too crowded. It comes with a decent variety of sound effects to use, and you can even configure vacation time for more comfort in your day-to-day activities.