If your system is running slow, junk files may be one of the main reasons. Most of these are files that are stored in your computer’s cache – a memory designed to make your system run faster. For example, web browsers use caches in order to make the pages that you visit often run faster. But most applications – including Windows itself – create their own caches, and while their purpose is clearly benevolent, in time they may become corrupt, outdated and they can slow down your computer.

This is why cleaning your PC from time to time is a good way to make it “not slow” again. You probably know that there are plenty of PC cleaning tools out there, but if you haven’t already found the right one, you could also take a look at Total PC Cleaner.

After you install it, you realize fairly soon that Total PC Cleaner is quite a minimalistic program. Unlike the more well-known cleaners, this one lacks any other extra features. First, you need to select your system drive, after which the program will proceed to scan it and display how many megabytes of temporary files you could free up.

Total PC Cleaner can delete the files from the following categories: system caches, application caches, mail caches, office caches, browser caches, downloads and large files (files that are larger than 100 MB). While the last option is certainly useful, you should obviously click the Details button first and carefully choose what you wish to delete.

After this simple selection process, click Clean and let the program do its thing. It’s obvious that Total PC Cleaner is nothing revolutionary; after all, this isn’t even the only free tool of its kind. But because it’s so easy-to-use and does exactly the job it’s supposed to do, it’s hard to deny the fact that it’s a really useful and reliable tool.