TradeQQ is a reliable financial market news finder program, which allows you to view the latest world events, such as large sales, mergers or acquisitions. You can easily view the day’s top stories, provided by Forex and similar sources on energy, metal and agriculture trades.

TradeQQ brings the latest information regarding financial trades and actions to your desktop in real time. The application can gather data from dedicated websites and display it in its interface, in normal or split view.

The program can help you view the day’s top stories on trade actions, plus stay up to date with the week’s events, in the Calendar area. It can also retrieve breaking news from dedicated websites and indicate modifications in the currency exchange rates. You can view the increase or decrease of the value of world currency, metal units and other products.

TradeQQ allows you to subscribe to several fields of news, such as the Breaking News, Economic Signals, Forex, Metal, Energy and Agriculture. Moreover, you can keep the program opened on your desktop in normal mode or switch to split view. In normal mode, you can view system tray notifications each time a new article is retrieved, while in split mode, the display is automatically updated.

The split mode is useful since it allows you to work with other files and applications, plus view the news at the same time. Moreover, it automatically changes the full-screen settings for any window, so that it does not cover the news column.

TradeQQ is a useful tool for users interested in world trade market news, as well as other global financial events. It allows you to stay up to date with important news, the entire day and notifies you of fresh articles on the fields of your choice. You can view the latest stories, as well as the articles from the past few months.