If online trackers are of your concern when navigating online, then connecting to a VPN might be the solution you are looking for. A virtual private network or, in short, VPN, allows you to send and receive data across public networks as if the two end computers were connected via a private network. In other words, while connected to a VPN, you usually get encrypted data traffic and identity concealing, which ensures high security and anonymity.

One of the popular names in the VPN category is TunnelBear. Available as a desktop client and as dedicated browser extensions for popular web browsers, TunnelBear can secure your traffic to help you worry less about the dangers that lurk in the corners of the Internet.

TunnelBear for Firefox offers a lightweight VPN solution designed for the Firefox browser, allowing you to setup a VPN connection in the browser, not the entire computer. Using a browser extension is easier, as it makes it possible for you to get access to a VPN without having to install a third-party application. On the other hand, the extension only offers protection for Firefox, so using other browsers will reveal your real identity and location.

Installing the extension is a breeze and, in no time, a new button is displayed in the browser’s toolbar, next to the address bar. Clicking on it opens up a new browser tab, where you must connect to your TunnelBear account or create a new one.

Once the correct credentials are provided, a small popup window is shown, comprising the connection status and the country of the VPN server you are currently using. By default, TunnelBear for Firefox links to the United States server but you can change the country of origin with ease. If you want to turn the VPN off, there is a switch button available.

TunnelBear for Firefox is a VPN solution like any other, providing an easy for you to get extra protection when navigating online. It helps you block tracking attempts when visiting webpages in Firefox and secures your data traffic when using public networks. Furthermore, as it conceals your real location and identity, you get to bypass geographical restrictions with ease.