TurboCrypt is a comprehensive program that enables you to create a secure partition on your computer on which to store important data. The software can create an encrypted virtual disk, with a very high level of protection against viruses, malware or data theft.

Create and mount virtual disks

TurboCrypt allows you to create one or more encrypted volumes that you alone can access, using a special password. First, you need to assign letters to the encrypted drives, then proceed to defining them. You may select how much space to reserve for each drive: from a few mega bytes, to two tera bytes of data can be safely stored on these drives.

Additionally, you may select whether or not to create a hidden volume. The software prompts you that a hidden requires a minimum of 260 MB size for the outer volume. In order to create the new drive, you must specify a path where the virtual disk can be saved and choose whether to set it as a FAT32 or a NTFS file system.

The password for the encrypted volume can be created using a special function, offered by TurboCrypt: the Trojan-proof Password creator. A new dialog box opens, where you can select the characters in your password. Thus, it allows you to avoid typing the symbols on your keyboard and prevents any instance from interfering with the signal sent to the computer.

The active cipher algorithm used for the actual encryption can be either 4x256 bit AES type or 1024 bit Polymorphic Cipher. You may set a series of options, including force disk unmount when the session is over or automatically start when booting.

TurboCrypt is easy to use, reliable and offers you a solution for storing data in a secure place on your computer or on a removable disk. Thus it enables you to create an encrypted volume, on which to transfer the data. The software also allows you to create the password for this drive, using a special function.