USB Drive Monitor is an easy-to-use application that allows you to log and secure your USB devices. USB Drive Monitor also features 4 pre-configured modes.

You can select each mode by going to the quick mode selection tab and clicking on the mode you want. A screen on the right will show you all the changed that have been made to activate the mode, it will also show the user’s custom changes.

The Access Key Mod Silent Logger mode allows you to secretly log information about the USB Mass Storage Devices inserted to your PC. You can chose this mode and then click on “hide” button to hide the program from users.

A log of all Foreign USB Mass Storage Devices will be updated every 5 seconds to save the time, USB hardware unique ID, USB size, Name, Letter, root directory and first folder level file contents.

This log information applies to all modes. Alert and Monitor Mode: When a Foreign USB Drive is inserted, this mode will generate sound alerts, text messages and will not stop until you insert your Personal USB Drive into your PC.

The Attack and Secure Mode will delete files on the inserted USB Mass storage device, dsable task manger, disable mass storage devices, activates a screensaver with a password protection, generates a sound alert, and only your personal USB Drive or your Password will unlock your PC.

The Access Key Mode allows you to use your Personal USB Drive as an access key to your PC. When removed it secures your PC by activating a screensaver and disabling task manager. to unlock your PC insert your Personal USB Drive to your PC