Usmania KMap Minimizer is an easy to use application that allows you to solve any KMap with variables from 2 to 25 with the help of the McCluskey technique.

By using Usmania KMap Minimizer you can minimize KMap with minterms, maxterms and/or don't cares. Usmania KMap Minimizer also enables you to calculate truth table for the specified number of variables. Usmania KMap Minimizer 1.0 has a nice voice feature which speaks over various application tasks.

Usmania KMap Minimizer has a "Show Process" feature, which lets you see the process behind the scenes. This feature demonstrates the actual Quine-McCluskey technique in action; which helps you understand the whole process very efficiently.

Usmania KMap Minimizer has a standard set of menus and toolbar options. Standard Cut, Copy, Paste options provide the user to work with the application in a very friendly manner. Print and Export support let the user to get the data out of the application. Tools > Options has a variety of settings by whcih a user can control the different customizable features.