With VAlarm now you can have all the things you need in an alarm clock for Windows.

Here are some key features of "VAlarm":

■ Intuitive main interface that allows you access to all areas of VAlarm, which makes setting your alarms a very simple process!

■ Choose from a variety of alarm sounds, or choose your favorite MP3 file. You can choose a different sound or MP3 file for each and every alarm, for fully customizable control!

■ Set unique alarm messages with your alarms, and always know exactly what your alarms are for!

■ Set one-time alarms, alarms that sound on specific days of the week, alarms that sound once a month just for this year, alarms that sound once a month regardless of what year it is, alarms that sound once every year on a specific date, alarms that sound every day, a Quick-Alarm or timer that is quick and easy to set, and more!

VAlarm's Mini-Clock can be used to have a nice digital time and date displayed on your desktop without having the main interface cluttering your desktop!

■ Built-in chimes can be customized to not play, play every hour, half-hour, or every 15 minutes!

■ An unlimited number of alarms can be added, so enjoy the comfort of not having your alarm needs limited by constraints!

■ A complete set of options allow you to customize every area of VAlarm, including startup options, chimes, snoozing time, and the VAlarm Mini-Clock!

■ Time and Date displays are in larger, easy to read text, whether you're using the main interface or the Mini-Clock on the desktop!


■ 10 days