Each science field holds a portion of the secret of how it all works, with chemistry not to be neglected. Nowadays, research in this field can benefit from an abundance of applications that make it possible to visualize and create up to the most complex molecular structures. VEGA ZZ is one such application and is a suitable means of learning or working on various projects.

The application's interface can be fully configured to suit your priorities and working conditions. What's more, there are a few preset configurations based on a specific screen resolution and window placement, with options ranging from building a 2D model to dynamics and trajectory.

Even though this is a plus, you still need solid knowledge in order to fully put the application to good use. The main window is where all the magic happens and provides a real-time updating view of what you're working on. Multiple display modes let you switch from wireframe to ball and stick, as well as a few others.

There are several implemented tools with the help of which you can add either various atoms or fragments. Each tool comes with its own window and mostly requires you to follow a few steps. Your new molecule is generated fast and the overall process is easy to understand and trigger, even by beginners. A few mouse clicks on several sections or points and you're done.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that with a little patience and practice, you have a lot to learn from VEGA ZZ. With a customizable interface and rich helpful content, you don't have to spend too much time with accommodation. What's more, the database simple molecules let you start exploring new boundaries, making it a practical application overall.