Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you're working at your PC and you need to take some notes, but there is no paper and pen around?

Now Virtual Notes can help you!

This application is not a text editor or a drawing tool, but a substitute for a simple paper blocknote, allowing you to fix some thoughts you've in your mind at any time you're working at the PC.

Virtual Notes is also pretty small, easy-to-use and simple.

Here are some key features of "Virtual Notes":

■ Always available through the System Tray icon.

■ You can write text everywhere in the page. Bold text available.

■ You can draw some graphic objects, as lines, arrows, squares, circles. Free drawing also available.

■ You can delete or move objects (text and drawings) in the page.

■ Different sizes available for pen and text.

■ You can add a lot of pages and skim through them as in a blocknote. Old or unuseful pages can be removed.

■ Choose font you prefer.

■ The window can be resized at will.

■ Data saved in a file for persistence.

■ A page can be exported to a file or imported from a file.

■ Cut and Paste available for text objects.

■ You can create sticky notes.