Playing a video, especially one from the Internet needs the right codecs and players. Thanks to WX Instant Video, a handy software solution, you can seamlessly play any video from the Internet by simply using its link.

The application can help you search the Internet, then play any of the videos you encounter. This can help you avoid having to download a file in order to view it. With the help of the program, you can easily play an online video, by simply searching a keyword or phrase.

Furthermore, WX Instant Video can be ran from any storage device, as it requires no installation, only a stable Internet connection. This also makes it highly flexible, because you can use it from flash drives or other disk storage devices.

The program can be used to search videos on the Internet, as searching a website will display any of the available videos on it. This can be used to detect if there are any videos available for play on any website, even if there is not a direct link to it.

Aside from that, you can create a “playlist” with several files and play each one, providing that you found multiple websites during your search.

You can use WX Instant Video to search the Internet and discover if there are any videos on a website. After discovering a video, you can seamlessly play it, along with any other found.

As a base conclusion, the program provides you with the basic tools needed to search the Internet for videos, then play them on the spot. By doing so, you can avoid having to install certain codecs or utilities that would be required when playing a video with your browser.