WX Lock F8 is a reliable and intuitive utility designed as a method of protecting your computer's safe mode with a color-coded access key.

In order to create your password, you need to press the colors you want to use from the ones shown on the screen, in any sequence you prefer. And it is recommendable that you remember them, as you will have to use them in order to access your PC in safe mode.

When you are done, you press 'Save', re-enter the chosen colors, then press the 'Lock F8 now!' button, changing the program's status to 'On'. On the contrary, if you want to deactivate the restriction, you can press the 'Unlock F8 now!' button.

Subsequently, every time you will want to start your computer in safe mode, you will be required to input the password you chose. Otherwise, you will not be able to get passed WX Lock F8.

This piece of software can prove particularly useful if you want to prevent regular users from accessing areas that are restricted by the computer's Administrator. This includes running certain applications or using the Internet and other Network features that are blocked.

For instance, creative children might reboot a computer that has 'Parental Control' activated, enter into safe mode and gain access to all the previously restricted features. WX Lock F8 allows you to create a color-password, which is less likely to be easily guessed, and prevent that from happening.

While the utility provides you with an innovative way of password-protecting your computer, WX Lock F8 can prove rather difficult to understand at first, especially since it offers no 'Help' file or 'User's Manual'.

WX Lock F8 is an interesting tool that enables you to lock down your computer's safe mode, using a specific color combination as a password, so no unauthorized users can access it.