Yandex Maps Downloader is a user-friendly application that does exactly what its title suggests, it helps you grab Yandex Maps.

The main window of this utility is highly intuitive, thus encouraging even beginners to download maps of their preferred locations.

You only need to enter the coordinates, choose the destination folder, then start the downloading operation. The zoom level can be altered as well, by simply moving the mouse cursor along a slider.

In order to make sure the results match your expectations, you need to make sure your coordinates are in the correct format.

This is why Yandex Maps Downloader packs a dedicated component for converting degrees, minutes and seconds to degrees. This way, you can enter the left and right longitude, along with the top and bottom latitude, and be sure that the map meets your necessities.

Once your have downloaded the map you needed, you can preview it using the built-in map viewer.

Also, you can export it to an array of graphic formats, such as BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG and others. You can even generate a KMZ file that you can later use with Garmin devices, but only if your map features less than 500 tiles.

Alternatively, you can export the map to formats that can later be imported within Rmaps, Locus Maps, Oruxmaps and MBtiles.

To sum things up, Yandex Maps Downloader is an intuitive solution suitable for all those who want to quickly grab a map from Yandex Maps. Both normal and satellite maps are available, so every user can choose which type suits them best.