Your Freedom aims to open the doors to an unrestricted Internet, bypassing firewall settings or web filters that block the access of specific IP addresses to a server. Striving for privacy protection and anonymity, it provides a VPN tunneling utility that can conceal your real identity while navigating online, avoiding activity tracing and logging.

Thanks to the built-in wizard, the configuration goes like a charm. Your Freedom automatically detects whether your PC is connected to the Internet via a proxy server, enabling you to select the protocol to use (HTTPS, HTTP, FTP, UDP, or DNS) and searching for nearby proxy servers your PC can connect to. Once you choose the desired proxy, you can start navigating anonymously.

Your Freedom can work in concert with a SOCKS software utility to trick an application or a game into believing that the connection is direct, not routed via a proxy. This way, you can enjoy playing a game or using an application that normally wouldn't be accessible to users in your location. Additional functionality is unlocked if OpenVPN is installed on your computer

Your Freedom features a tab-based interface where you can manage the connection and view statistics regarding the opened streams, sent and received data amounts, transfer speed, and your account profile.

Uploads and downloads can be limited by Your Freedom, and access restrictions can be manually configured by you. There are various applications Your Freedom can work in conjunction with, including browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox), instant messengers (Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, and mIRC), file sharing utilities (Azureus Vuze, Kazaa Lite, eMule, DC++, BitComet, and Bitspirit), and multimedia players (Windows Media Player). The list is quite limited, if you think about the multitude of other applications that could use an anonymous connection.

The benefits of a proxy tunneling tool such as Your Freedom are obvious: it can anonymize your Internet connection, bypassing censorship attempts and protecting your identity. Moreover, web servers your computer accesses will no longer be able to track your activity, and webpages that are normally restricted in your area will become completely accessible.

Configuration goes smoothly, provided you already have a created account, which is mandatory. While it does not have a modern look, the interface keeps all the settings and options one-click away.