Have you been trying hard to find some sort of hobby to keep you entertained and relaxed as well? If this is one of your most important quests, then look no more. Zen: Coloring book for adults is an application that allows users to color the most intricate of designs, all while making sure they relax and harmoniously discover their artistic skills. While it may be aimed at adults, there is no particular target group this app is aimed at.

The app's interface is definitely simple to navigate. It's just as orderly. The main problem with it, though, is that it doesn't always run smooth. There are constant slowdowns, all probably the result of some optimization bug. There are even some occasional crashes which mostly happen after minimizing the app to the taskbar. Aside from that, the application is well thought out and you can easily find a design to satisfy your needs due to the level of neatness involved.

If there is something that brings this app to the forefront it's the number of designs and how well organized they are. There are numerous categories, each with a couple of designs, ready to be painted or drawn by you. There's no point in coloring a design you don't like. There are more difficult and easier levels, all well separated so you never mix them up. The difficulty is based on how intricate a design is and how much time it will take for you to complete it.

Zen: Coloring book for adults is one of the most interesting applications of this type. It can help you relax and discover your creative style, all at no apparent cost. As a result, it won't hurt you to try and see how efficient this app is. Once you are convinced you've got nothing more to do than simply use it.