Zip Rar Extractor Store Edition, just like it's non-store counterparts, is an application which few will probably use. Why? Not because it is necessarily bad, but because it simply doesn't bring new things to the table. The adversaries it tries to compete with have much better software alternatives. Still, if you'd like to purchase an application with Zip Rar Extractor's functionality exclusively from the store, it could be as good a choice as any other.

The interface is really basic. Just like in previous cases, this does not mean it's necessarily a bad thing. For some it could be an appreciated aspect, while for others it could simply mean not enough features for the user. The options you've got are to unpack from your download's folder or from any other folder in your computer and to archive files and folders. Four buttons for four simple operations. This application was created for those who are not big fans of intricate archiving programs and who need bare functionality for daily use.

The way this application seems to work, makes it clear from the start that its main concern is ease of access. How can one tell? Simple. Every time you unpack a file, the application allows you to select the specific files you need from that certain archive. In addition to this, when packing files, all you're required to do is drag and drop those files into the app's specific window, and allow for the archiving process to begin. Last, but not least, you can share your files via e-mail or social media with ease, right from the application.

Zip Rar Extractor is without a doubt an application that won't stand out in the eyes of all users. It looks like it was created to satisfy a less demanding market, where the sole interest is in ease of access. As a result, this program will appeal only to some users. It's easy to utilize, and it gets the job done. If you need more features, though, skip it.