ZoneEdit Dyn Updater is a no-nonsense piece of software that allows you to effortlessly synchronize your domain name with your current IP address. Once you use it to perform this task you will be able to run Web and FTP servers from any computer you are on.

From the first moment you run ZoneEdit Dyn Updater you understand that this is an app which will pose no problems. It displays a comprehensive interface which makes it very easy to use by anyone who understands the basic principle behind changing a domain name.

You have all the main functions and features available in a quick to make out window which means that you won’t waste any time with the update. All that is required of you is to enter your ZoneEdit account credentials, add the domains and then click one button.

The only thing that might actually take up some of your time is manually entering the domain names but that’s something you can easily overlook, though a feature that allowed you to save and load domain lists would have been handy.

ZoneEdit Dyn Updater is by all means a tool which can get the job done in a few seconds and it’s also one that can do it automatically.

Since it’s intended for users which have a dynamic IP address, the application comes with a function that allows it to keep track of every IP change that occurs. This way you won't have to worry about constantly being close to the app to make the updates.

To sum things up, if you’re looking for a simple and efficient means of updating the DNS, then ZoneEdit Dyn Updater can definitely help you out.